red (Pieces)

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– Pokémon Blue / Red was a HUGE game during my childhood, I remember I played hundreds of hours, my parents always insisted I should stop playing, but it was too addictive 😛 Although its music is quite simple, I’ve always thought is very memorable and catchy~ I’ve always wanted to play more pieces from this game but I did not like the arrangements I found, so I’ve decided to make mine!

– These songs are so short that I thought about uploading it in groups of 2 in a video, but a friend of mine told me it would be better to upload one at a time for searchability reasons, I guess he’s right!
The sheet music is just one page long so I’m playing it thrice, I hope you don’t mind haha

– Download the piano arrangement / sheet music:

I’ll keep arranging some Pokémon blue/red music so I can at least prepare a minialbum in the following weeks~ Thanks for your support!


I’ve gathered my 4 piano pokémon Red & Blue songs in a minialbum to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Febraury! It’s available on:

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Thanks for your support, I hope you like it and see you soon! c:


© Song composed by Junichi Masuda
No Copyright infringement intended!